About the West Region

The formation of a West Region was approved by the CCÉ North American Provincial Council in 2002 with the belief that the large expanse of geography in the west could be better served by an on the scene board made up of members from the area. The main tasks of a Regional Board are to help propagate the aims of Comhaltas in the area and to help establish new branches.

The original three branches forming the West Region are Cooley-Keegan in San Francisco; Clifford-Hoban in Santa Cruz, CA area; and the Columbia Branch in Vancouver, Washington. In 2008 the Four Peaks Irish Arts in Phoenix joined the West Region.

The West Region consists of the following states: California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona and New Mexico.

Within these states we already have the three branches necessary to form the Region: We would also seek to revive the Larry Bane Branch in Los Angeles and the former branches in Denver and Albuquerque.

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